BBQ Aioli Kale Salad

  • kale, 200 grams

  • Lillie’s Q Candied Pecans, 100 grams

  • roasted salted pumpkin seeds, 70 grams

  • brussels sprouts, 150 grams

  • radicchio, 150 grams

  • pecorino, 120 grams

  • lillie’s q bbq aioli tender sauce, 150 grams

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  1. cut the stems off the kale and discard. Next, wash, dry and chop the kale leaves.

  2. follow the recipe for Lillie’s Q Candied Pecans

  3. shave the brussels sprouts

  4. shave radicchio

  5. massage the kale with Lillie’s Q BBQ Aioli

  6. toss everything together except the pecorino until everything is lightly coated

  7. plate from the tossed bowl being thoughtful and add the seeds and nuts last to garnish

  8. fine microplane the pecorino on top and then serve